Web Content Development

The content on your website needs to be alive, current and accurate. With fresh information people will have a reason to return to the site time and time again. That will help you to let them and other stakeholders to be aware about your progress and development activities. Web Content Development (Writing & Editing) can be accomplished with all updated information, such as project’ significance, progress reports, delegations visits, media reports, articles and blogs.  In simple we make your web and digital information the best platform for your press releases, media coverage and announcements, as well as building a positive image of your institutions and staff.

Social Media Management

The content developed for your web is also needed to be reached to the right audience. Well-equipped Social Media Management does this job. It doesn’t only inform and interest necessary people about your performances and activities, but also keeps them engaged in a time of need, especially in sustainable housing and development.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogging, Youtube, and WhatsApp are used for managing all the content. In fact, they work as your channels to bring the audience to the website and quick relay of news and views related to your project.