Trisun Energies ; A Key Solar Solution Provider

by M. Wasim

Energies is a forerunner in the renewable energy industry helping Pakistan to achieve their goal of energy independence by offering the most efficient solar solutions. Founded in 2017, Trisun energies provides innovative and affordable solar energy. In a span of few years, Trisun has achieved success by putting client’s interests first and by completing challenging projects effectively and efficiently.

Pakistan has some of the highest values of insolation in the world with eight to nine hours of sunshine per day, ideal climatic conditions for solar power generation.

Trisun Energies provides custom-design solar system options that meet according to specific energy needs. Going solar is no longer reamins a headache, as Trisun Energies offers vast array of services and products.

Tube Wells

A solar-powered water system (tubewell) is formed of two basic parts. the solar electric modules are the main facilitator …


On-Grid or Grid-Tie solar systems are by far the most common and widely used by the residential, commercial or industrial sector..


Off-Grid systems are similar to hybrid systems but dependent on batteries only. an on-grid system is an opposite. …

Hybrid System

Modern hybrid systems combine solar, grid and battery storage in one and are now available in many different forms ..

Street Lights

Solar lights can be the most affordable and energy-efficient solution to light up your streets during night times.

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