Eco-friendly Construction of Dominion Luxury Apartments

by M. Wasim

In modern world, eco-friendly construction is the order of the day, especially in urban areas. It involves the use of materials and processes that are resource-efficient and environmentally responsible throughout the life cycle of a building. This type of construction is good for human health and livability.

Besides they have not only low operations as well as maintenance cost in terms of energy and water efficiency.

A Nature’ Habitat

Dominion Luxury Apartments has been designed keeping in mind the health and environment factor. A sense of openness and windy balconies are important features of it. The installation of operable windows is another feature that allow in as much sunlight as possible and reducing the use of materials that may emit elements that are dangerous to the health.

Eco-friendly Materials

 People who live in green buildings enjoy many health benefits because of the safety of materials used in the construction of such buildings.

There is not any single toxic substance being used in the construction of Dominion Luxury Apartments. Steel and cement are the two basic components of a grey structures, provide strength and consolidation to a high rise. And, as per Bahria Town standards steel and cement used in construction is of Amreli and Falcon respectively.

As a leading player in Pakistan’s steel industry, Amreli Steels employs the 5th generation red ring technology at its plant, which improves product quality and yield, which means a sizable reduction in waste. Similarly Falcon cement is good in coastal and saline areas which is manufactured with SR Clinker and Gypsum, as it main constituents and serve as active resistant against the attack of sulphate salt and alkali aggregate reaction.

Health Benefits

Indoor environment quality depends on conditions inside a building and how they affect the occupants of the building. Good indoor environment quality protects the health of the building’s occupants, reduces stress and improves their quality of life. While constructing Dominion Luxury Apartments, advanced construction techniques are being used that ensure that resources are used efficiently and responsibly while not compromising on the residents’ health and comfort.


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