Serenity and Green Environment surrounds Dominion Luxury Apartments

by M. Wasim

Bahria Town Karachi is known for its beautiful landscaping and outstanding parks. Parks of different shapes and sizes at Bahria Town give the look of a city of gardens. Green trees and shrubs, flowers and lawns provide the necessary relief from day to day stress of modern life. Each neighborhood community is allotted a certain percentage of land, dedicated to greenery, playing fields and jogging tracks, which is an uncompromising policy of Bahria Town Karachi.

Beside residential development, another beauty of Precinct 1 is its superior greenery and ecofriendly amenities. There are four parks in Precinct 1 and Dominion Luxury Apartments is surrounded by them. Thereafter the Club House, famous mosque Masjid e Aashiq which is centrally air conditioned and etc. In the surrounding of Precinct 1 there is lot of greenery with many green belts and horticultural arrangements. Then the marvelous Masjid e Aashiq itself is an important site-seeing venue and people from every knock and corner of the city come to visit it.

Sport and Athletic Park

Specially the Sport and Athletic Park is one of the prime features in Precinct 1. The park is open and spacious, therefore equally attractive for visitors and roadside commuters around it. Green and shady trees provide coolness in the area, which welcome visitors even in daylight and provide escapism to them in extreme hot weather.

The Sports and Athletic Park is not far away from Dominion Luxury Apartments, provide a great opportunity to its residents and homebuyers.

Ancient Park

Unwind and rejuvenate yourself across green soothing environment in the Ancient Park of Bahria Town Karachi, located in Precinct 1. The park with it’s lush greenery and gigantic sculptures, replicating “Stonehenge”, offers an eco-friendly and serene environment to nearby residents.

Ancient Park can be easily visible from the balconies of Dominion Luxury Apartments and serves the residents real view of serenity in Bahria Town.

Tauheed Square

Just in front of the iconic Main Gate of Bahria Town, Tauheed Square greets you in the mega housing scheme. It has been built on the pattern of Trafalgar Square London, therefore also dubbed as the Trafalgar Square of Bahria Town Karachi. This replica of Trafalgar Square in Bahria Town is exquisitely built and its precision is a true reflection of human resourcefulness. Surrounded by lush green grass and prolific horticultural arrangements, the Tauheed Square deserves genuine appreciations.

Following the pattern of the London’s Trafalgar Square, two fountains have also been constructed at both sides of the Nelson column, add further beauty in this attraction.


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