Top Attractions near Dominion Luxury Apartments

by M. Wasim

Location always remains a main factor behind appreciating demand and value of real estate. And, Precinct 1 in Bahria Town Karachi is the best example. Located just alongside the opening corridor, the foremost and frontline area, almost fully developed with 250 yard ready-to-live classy villas, the Precinct 1 is one of the top-most rated properties in Karachi. And, Dominion Luxury Apartments is just icing on the cake here.

In Bahria Town Karachi the Precinct 1 became populated very quickly and without waiting. A Jamia mosque is fully complete and a branch of renowned school chain is already here. Not only possession is available here and development work continues, but many families have also settled in majority of villas.

Apart from location, the Precinct 1 is indeed the best locality in the BTK. There are multiple luxury facilities for the residents which make their living comfortable and enviable. The luxury facilities include Bahria Maintenance Office, Carnival Karachi, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Ginsoy Restaurant, Bahria Foundation School, Jinnah Avenue, Malik Square and all important prime assets which make Precinct 1 an ideal location for every visitor and buyer.

Lets have a view of few of these attractions near Dominion Luxury Apartments

Rendezvous Club

Exactly in front of Dominion Luxury Apartments there is the famous Rendezvous Club of Bahria Town Karachi. It is a family and social gathering hub, limited only for the residents of Bahria Town Karachi. A bit small in size but hugely impactful and prestigious in terms socialization, Rendezvous Club is good to enjoy Bahria Town lifestyle. It also has few indoor games and café inside.

Carnival Area

The Carnival is an entertainment hub for family providing a range of fun activities and events including fun rides, events, and open parks. Nothing compares to the luxury of quality time with the family combined with an ultimate enjoyment at the Carnival Area in Bahria Town Karachi.

Jinnah Avenue

For Bahria Town Karachi’ residents, Jinnah Avenue is more than an expressway. It’s the main artery of Bahria Town Karachi, starts from the main entrance and leads to the end of mega housing scheme while giving access to all Precincts and attractions through internal roads or avenues. So every single investment here will payback might be forever.

 Jinnah Avenue is an 18 lane, 400 feet wide road, developed on the pattern of Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai. Bahria Town Karachi has brought about various attractions alongside Jinnah Avenue, specially the International Theme Park.

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