Electrochromic Glass Windows, Latest Green Construction Material

by M. Wasim
Green Construction

Green technologies are changing the construction industry for the better. Lowering costs and improving carbon footprint allows these technologies to support communities worldwide. Switching to smart appliances and making green upgrades allows homebuyers to save money on energy bills and support local green construction businesses. On of such latest inventions is Electrochromic Glass — an electrical glass product that allows you to control the amount of light and solar radiation in your home and offices – to maintain a desired temperature in your spaces.  

  Intelligence of Electrochromic Glass in Green Construction

Windows are a great way to naturally heat buildings, but they can lead to expensive air conditioning when it gets warmer outside. Innovative electrochromic glass allows you to control the opacity of your windows based on the weather outside.

Electrochromic glass goes by many names, including dynamic glass, dynamic glazing, and smart glass. There are different types of smart glass, however, the machenism reamin the same. Functionally, there five layers of ceramic material are coated onto a thin piece of glass, then applying a small electrical charge causes lithium ions to transfer layers. The next step is making the glass tint and finally reversing the polarity causes the glass to clear.

To perform in the field, electrochromic glass needs software and controls to dictate when and how it should tint. Using a combination of predictive and real-time inputs such as weather, location and cloud cover, the software and controls manage daylighting, glare, energy use and color rendition throughout the day.

An Ecofriendly Invention

The windows reflect more sunlight when it’s hot and sunny, keeping interiors cool. They allow more sunlight in when it’s colder and overcast to provide free heat. This allows HVAC systems to operate more efficiently and with less power. Electrochromic glass windows may even improve productivity and mood by giving you access to natural sunlight without glare or excess heat. Residents and real estate developers can take advantage of some of these methods in existing homes and buildings as well as new ones.


  • When buildings have abundant daylight and views of the outdoors, people thrive. Workers are more productive, students learn better, and patients heal faster. Traditional buildings use manual blinds, which are typically down 50%-70% of the day, blocking daylight and views. Electrochromic glass windows solve that problem.
  • Electrochromic glass can significantly improve energy efficiency and help you achieve green building certifications for your project. These smart glass responds to changes in the environment, limiting the heat or cold entering the space, and can reduce loads on HVAC systems.
  • With electrochromic glass, you can design beautiful indoor spaces without covering your views with blinds and shades. This can create a sleek look and feel, and reduce the need for ongoing cleaning and maintenance.
  • While electrochromic glass was once a novel technology, it’s becoming mainstream. They can also be installed in schools, airports, offices, stores, libraries, restaurants, and more, as electrochromic glass has a similar life expectancy to static glass windows.

Switching Sustainability is the future of the industry, empowering the world to create buildings that are better for people and the planet.


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